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August 15, 2003, 8:26 PM

Flat tire… loads of fun, indeed. I still made it to the office on time, though, since I did it two blocks away from the Office on Youth. What happened is I took a right turn off of Johnson Street onto New Street too sharply, and ran the back right tire into the curb in such a way to make it split. The car was able to limp the two blocks to the parking lot, and then I changed the tire during my lunch, and so I’ve got the (filthy) spare tire on there right now. Tomorrow, Dad and I are going out to get a replacement tire at Eavers Tire in Stuarts Draft.

This should teach me not to overcompensate when making right turns. I’ve occasionally ridden up on curbs before while making right turns, but never to the extent of destroying the tire.

This also ought to learn me (excuse the poor grammar) to occasionally clean the wheels, because I got years’ worth of track dust on my hands. Even though I didn’t get any on my clothes, still, good thing I was wearing all-black today, because it wouldn’t have shown.

Web site: This is the curb that did my tire in, right in front of the new street parking garage. I came in from the right, and turned to go up that street there on the left.

Song: The "Gertrude Old Girl" song from Today's Special, despite that my car has no name like that or something.

Quote: From a lady in the parking lot when I arrived, "I'd tell you that you had a flat tire, but you look like you know already."

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