I’m watching “That’s So Raven”

August 8, 2003, 8:46 PM

Boy, oh, boy, those Cosby kids grow, watching Raven-Symone on her Disney Channel show. Also, that kid who played 3J on Family Matters is on this show. Talk about how these TV kids grow.

Meanwhile, it’s FRIDAY NIGHT! Two days away from the Office on Youth, so I can recharge the batteries, and return on Monday morning, as the ball of productivity that has come to define my Mondays.

Seriously, at the Office on Youth, my most productive day really is Monday.

Web site: That's So Raven (amazing that she's credited as just "Raven" vs. "Raven-Symone")

Song: Theme to "That's So Raven"

Quote: "You put that map on your site!" - Mom on that Metro system map I showed you earlier

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