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September 15 Anti-War March

Cheer Sheet

Below is a copy of the cheer sheet used by Radical Cheerleading DC (RCDC) during the September 15 demonstration.  This information is provided for historical purposes.


Corporate scum you cheat you lie
you ugly uh uh you ugly uh huh!

Corporation you don’t fool me
you greedy uh uh you greedy uh huh!

Money won’t save you from hell
you evil uh uh you evil uh huh!

Poverty wages have to end
you ruin uh uh you ruin uh huh!

You are ugly backwards too
you ugly uh uh you ugly uh huh!

That is what we need to see
our freedom uh uh our freedom uh huh!


(Hot in… So hot in here!)

I was like, good gracious
Ice is bodacious
Bush we are done showing our patience

We tired of asking, “please
regulate the earth’s degrees?”

George Bush is causing global warming
So your system we are storming

‘Cuz we’re tired of all your deceiving
We’re here to tell you you better be leavin’
Check it, just trying to save the seasons

I need you to get up on the Senate floor
Give us people what we’re looking for

‘Cuz we’re exposing you and all the evil that you do
You better tell the truth ‘cuz baby we have got the proof

I said, It’s getting hot in here
So Hot!
And I think George Bush knows
I am getting so hot, when will climate change stop? (x2)


(To the tune of the Fraggle Rock theme song)
Take it to the streets
Revolution is so sweet
Something we expect
Is freedom and respect
Is freedom and respect

So radicals of today
We need to find a better way
We need to have a say
Equality’s the way
Equality’s the way

So stomp and smash the state
It’s time for us to liberate
And Bush can go to hell
Rise up, resist, rebel
Rise up, resist, rebel
Rise up, resist, rebel


The D is for Deception
The U is for Untrue
The B is for BS, girl, you KNOW he lied to you
The Y is for Your war
A we Asked you to stop

The B is for the Bombs nobody asked you to drop
Dubya B
Su-see you later


The B is for our Bodies
The U is for Unique
The S is for Safe Sex, George, you KNOW the kids all freak
The H for Human rights
and the M for MY
The F for Feminism waving you bu-bye

George Bush
You motherfucker



R – for Revolution!
E – for Everybody!
S – Subvert the system!
I – Ignite debate!
S – Smash the state!
T – we’re gonna Tear it down!

Resist, resist
Raise up your fist!
Resist, resist
We know you are pissed!
Resist, resist
Fight the capitalists!
Resist, resist
Show ’em what they can kiss! (x3)


dubdubdubdubdubdub dubya Bush
The Shrub!

He says the war on terror
Will make the world fairer
But we know that he’s lying
‘Cuz we see innocents dying

Your civil liberties he’ll take away
He’ll spy on you all night and day

I’m a terrorist
And you’re a terrorist
And she’s a terrorist
And he’s a terrorist!

It’s terror (AHHH)
It’s terror (AHHH)

But what is terror anyway?
Nuclear destruction
Genetically modified foods
The IMF, the World Bank
It’s all bad news!

Damn, those fascists are some heavy, heavy dudes

(segue into “RESIST”)


(Sung to the tune of My Favorite Things from The Sound of Music)

Warm April showers and cold moons in autumn,
Good friends and lovers, you know when you’ve got ’em,
Replacing government with anarchy,
These are a few of my favorite things.

Lockdowns and treesits and teach-ins and blockades,
Joining with others to fight for a new day,
Reclaiming streets while we dance and we sing,
these are a few of my favorite things.

When corporate culture, it surrounds me, and I think I’ll give up,
I simply remember my favorite things, and then I go FUCK SHIT UP!


Oh say can you see
By the TV’s blue light
When democracy failed
And Wall Street was scheming
The jail stripes and iron bars
Left the ghettos in scars
From our sofas we watched
As the nation was screaming
And the missiles red glare
Star Wars nukes in the air
If you’re not rich and white
Then your rights are stripped bare
Oh say will that blood-spattered dollar still reign…
In the land of corporate greed,
And the home of the slave.

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Cheer Sheet