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Day of Activism


The Day of Activism is not complete without seeing activism in action.  An oft-used slogan at large-scale protests is a call-and-response chant that starts with the leader shouting, “Show me what democracy looks like!”  The group then replies, “This is what democracy looks like!”  This is what democracy looks like, right here, as people get out and voice their dissent.  Take a look…

“We mourn the dead.  We heal the wounded.  We end the war.”

“Our children are not lying when they say that things are getting worse…”

“Iraq did not attack us!  What are we doing there, besides the oil?”

“How do you justify the death of young people, when you don’t have a plan to end this war?”

Marchers, to the slow beat of drums and a tambourine, begin their march to Washington.

Marchers continue to leave the Women’s Memorial, carrying the coffins, headed for Washington DC.

Counter-protesters from the DC Chapter of Free Republic, aka “Freepers”, use bullhorns and such to protest the main march group from across the street, while videotaping the marchers.

At the World Bank Vigil: “We’re here!  We’re wet!  So cancel the debt!” (It had started to rain at this point)

Singing the song “Go Down, Moses”, modified slightly to refer to the World Bank and the IMF.

“…naming some of the women who have inspired us…”

“…the World Bank was aware that this money was not being used to serve the people!”

“…and we took it back to the Senate on the hill, and we got the Congress to override the Presidential veto.”

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