“You don’t have to go home, but you gotta get up outta here!”

Highway sign on Interstate 76 in PennsylvaniaYay… fall semester is officially over for me, and when Friday, December 14 at 5:00 rolls around, we invoke the saying quoted above, as Potomac Hall closes for Christmas break for three weeks. But before going home, we’ve got to close Potomac Hall, which means that we have to think ahead. Since the building will be devoid of human life for three weeks, and it’s considered trespassing to be in there even if you live there during that time, we have to do everything we can think of to make Potomac Hall as safe, secure, and as energy-conservation-friendly as we can. Unplug everything (and that means EVERYTHING), close your windows, kill the lights, hide your bicycle if you have one, take out the trash, and sign the ticket we placed on the doors when you leave. Additionally, don’t forget to grab prescription medicines, any plane or otherwise traveling tickets, your ID, gifts, your glasses or contact lenses, your keys, your wallets or purses, and whatever other stuff you’ll need over break. And once we close Potomac Hall, it’s back home for me. During that three-week time, I’m going to be working at Telegate, and outside of that, probably bored out of my mind. For at home, there’s not much to do. The Internet connection is dial-up, which means SLOW, plus Stuarts Draft is quite devoid of things to do, since it’s a small town. So who knows… I’ll probably be going over to Charlottesville some to find something to do, since Charlottesville is the biggest city around and close by Stuarts Draft. Just a little further than Harrisonburg, with a lot more in it. Fun!

Date posted: December 14, 2001