“Whenever you need a lift, it’s like a gift that never goes away… remember the good times, and yesterday’s good times… they’ll bring you a brand new smile today!”

Potomac Hall in the snowMy goodness… I can’t believe it’s finals week already! It seems like not long ago that we were returning from Spring Break. This whole semester really has flown by. It’s not long ago that the scene we see at right happened, with Potomac Hall getting covered by snow from wintry clouds. In fact, this was an odd situation – it snowed the day before classes were to begin, when people were coming back from Christmas Break. So JMU cancelled classes and gave us all a day off in the dorms. Since then, as we’ve learned about stars and Jovian planets, with some accounting and linear programming thrown in for flavor, things have happened. People have gone swimming behind Potomac Hall, we’ve had people singing in the smoking area, the phrase “do you know why I’m calling you” strikes a new sense of uh-oh-ness in our consciousness, we’ve discovered the potency of Java City’s Eye Opener, and we’ve learned that the food at the Festival is actually edible – but barely. And then on Friday, May 3, Potomac Hall is closing for the summer. On May 3, at 5:00 PM, unless people are staying for graduation, the hall will be completely closed down, and everyone will be moved out and going home, or wherever their travels may take them. The year will be over, and then after a week off, those students such as myself taking classes in May Session will return. I’m not living in McGraw-Long, the summer hall, for May Session. I’m going to be braving Interstate 81 every day commuting from home. And during the summer, if I need a mental lift, I only need to look back on the fun times we’ve had in Potomac Hall throughout the course of the past year to put a smile on my face. And then in August, when I return to JMU once again, we’ll be ready to create another fun set of memories, and add to my College Life pages once again.

Date posted: April 28, 2002