“We’re snowed in! AAAAAAAA!!!”

Bicycles covered in snow during a snowstorm, February 6, 2003There’s just something about snow that makes the world stand still. The people that think they’re Superman and try to outrace the snow flip their cars, and the rest of us simply admit defeat, and determine that we really are snowed in, and that we’re not going anywhere anytime soon. Especially when it’s been snowing nonstop since Friday night. We’re getting our fair share of snow, all right… now mind you, it’s not like the infamous Blizzard of ’96, where we were practically waist-deep in snow and got six days out of school, but still, I’d guess we’ve gotten about a foot of snow since this whole thing started. JMU cancelled classes for Monday on Sunday afternoon, and so you know it’s serious. In fact, not only did JMU close, but the University of Virginia closed on Monday, as did Virginia Tech, Radford University, Blue Ridge Community College, and a lot of other schools. Even Fashion Square in Charlottesville is opening late. Yikes… you know you’re snowed in when shopping is opening late. Still, being snowed in has its benefits. Everyone is kind of forced to bond with each other – it’s either that or go crazy out of boredom. In Potomac Hall, we had a little impromptu dance session on my floor, doing all kinds of crazy “popular” dances. Photographs exist of my not having any rhythm whatsoever. I also got a chance to do my “Power Rangers in a nutshell” demonstration, which in a few minutes summarizes every episode of Power Rangers ever known to man. Getting “cabin fever” also makes you a little hyper after too long, with people drinking too many sodas, and showing the effects of too much sugar and too much caffeine. In other words, bouncing off the walls. Still, snow is kind of a mixed blessing. Once you realize you’re trapped, you want nothing more than to get out, but once the snow melts or is sufficiently cleared so that everyone can get out, everyone wishes they were snowed in again because then you can have an impromptu end to the real world.

Date posted: February 17, 2003