“The mid-summer blahs have officially arrived…”

Well, well, well… my busy summer has come to a screeching halt. Summer session is over (with all classes passed with FLYING COLORS), and thus my summer has changed. No more commute to Harrisonburg, which takes much of the suspense out of my life, since there was a certain element of suspense of whether or not I would get squashed by a semi on any given day. No more tests for the summer. No more lectures until August. No more quality time spent with Sarah during May and with Ashla during June until the fall. Now I have to get what I have described as “a day job so I can not quit it” (StratoSearch is my don’t-quit-your-day-job job). And hopefully we’ll find a company that will hire me until August, so I can afford to keep the car filled with gas and keep my Web sites online. However, come August 11, I will have a “day job” again, as I return to Potomac Hall as an RA. Then life becomes nice and busy again, as I handle 45 residents (25 guys and 20 girls), take a full schedule of Public Administration stuff, take fun College Life photo sets like that pictured here, and try to make StratoSearch the best that I can make it. However, first we must get over the mid-summer blahs, as we long for JMU, but still have another month until getting it.

Date posted: July 7, 2002