“The fabled year 2000 – a thing of the past?”

Year 2000 celebrations in Washington DCIt’s hard to believe that the Year 2000 is at its end. Hard to believe that the fabled year 2000, which worried computer guys pondered over well ahead of the time, while many religious types swore that the world would soon be over, and worrisome types stocked up on everything, bought multi-thousand-dollar generators, and SWORE on their great-grandmother’s left kidney that everything that could even remotely be operated with a computer would crash, or at least stop working, including cars, old TV’s, and even food, of all things. Still, amazing that this scene from Washington, DC is almost a year old. Amazing. What will we say now when talking about a date in the future? What year will we be living on the moon, having flying cars, and having annoying robots named Rosie now? The year 3000, perhaps? By then, both Bushes will be long dead, and Strom Thurmond will still be in the Senate, on his 5,000th or so term. Still, Y2K is old news now, and my quote from last year (“For every Y2K doomsayer I see, I’m just going to point and laugh.”) was incredibly accurate, as life went on as the clock struck midnight, as thousands, if not millions, of partygoers got incredibly toasted, having had too many things alcoholic. On another note, once the year 2000 ends, everyone will finally be in agreement that it is the 21st Century, and that the Third Millennium is in full swing. Finally all the people who swore on their grandmother’s right kidney (since they swore on the left one for Y2K) that 2000 is in the 20th Century will shut up and enjoy life again instead of going out and preaching to everyone that we aren’t in the new millennium yet.

Three quotes… I didn’t think I had it in me!

Date posted: December 14, 2000

Notes: This quote ran as part of a trio of quotes run simultaneously due to Christmas Break.