“Spring is officially upon us!”

Field between the College Center, Potomac Hall, and CISAT on a warm spring daySpring is officially upon us! Today, as I write this quote, there’s not a cloud in the sky, and the thermometer has tipped at 80 degrees. And I’ve taken my allergy medication, so I’m a happy camper as well. I tell you, these spring days are what college is about… playing football next to the College Center on one half of the field, and laying out on the field on a towel on the other half of the field. And curl up with an… accounting textbook… for my accounting test on Monday. Wish me luck! Still, today is awesome. And it’s not humid! Saturday, another warm day, was okay, but it was cloudy on and off, and so incredibly humid. You know, that I-could-swim-in-this-air kind of thing? Yecch. Still, today is one of those totally awesome days that doesn’t come around every day. It’s sunny, warm, the air is dry, and it’s just one of those lovely days. Enjoy it while it’s here!

Date posted: April 8, 2001