Those two words give each and every JMU student a renewed sense of energy. Spring break… a week’s respite from the professors, classes, and other aspects of college life that have served to run us into the ground, and cause a lack of sleep and related ailments. During this time, the residence halls also close, and so during this time I will be going home. So my sister will have to deal with sharing the Internet line, watching me sit and watch Regis and Kathie Lee in my pajamas while she’s scrambling to get to school, as well as enduring my personality in person (rather than via ICQ or on the phone) for a whole week. What do I think? Well, she’s had to deal with it for however long while I was home, so what’s a week? But she needn’t worry so… I’ve got plans for some day trips this week. And I’m not going to do what my business law professor said. He said to live it up this week, because we’re studying criminal law when we get back, and that way we’ll have some stories to tell. But there is a wonderful court visitation paper that I have to do during spring break, and so I have things to do…

Date posted: March 3, 2000

Notes: This quote was repeated on the main page from March 2, 2001 to March 11, 2001.