“So if you were five yesterday and six today, does that mean you’ll be seven tomorrow?”

Ben Schumin with Billy Bob at Showbiz Pizza in 1987Interesting quandary, indeed. If your entire experience were the birthday and the day before it, logically, it would follow that you would be seven the day after that. Still, that was the question posed by Billy Bob the bear at Showbiz pizza, on my own sixth birthday, as shown at left. Still, it’s amazing what can happen in a year. And it went so fast! It seemed as though I was just yesterday celebrating my site’s fifth birthday, and now on March 23, my site will be SIX YEARS OLD! In those six years this site has grown from a four-page personal site into an absolute monster of a Web site, with archives, photo essays, writings, fire alarms, you name it. In just the past year, the photo essays and the online store were spun off into their own sections from Main Event, the World Wide Web Site Index became StratoSearch, all parts of the site dealing with the main-page quote (what you’re reading) were converted over to a Microsoft Access database and the pages retrofitted for ASP, the online store was expanded, and the list goes on. Personally, in the past year, I refitted my computer with a number of new components, I got to legitimately pull a fire alarm, and I also landed a job as an RA in Potomac Hall. Every time this time of year comes around and my site turns another year it makes me think. Who would have thought that the four-page byproduct of my messing around on the computer one Saturday afternoon (note that the anniversary this year falls on a Saturday as well) would still be around, having been expanded many times beyond its original size, and a copy of the original discovered, restored, and placed in my Archives? It boggles the mind. Still, here we are, six years and going stronger than ever.

Date posted: March 17, 2002