“Since when was 7-Up green?”

dnL bottle labelSeems that 7-Up became green when it got caffeinated, is when. Seems that the folks who already bring us Canada Dry, A&W Root Beer, Dr Pepper, and regular 7-Up now bring us this upside-down version of it. I first discovered it when I went to the mall last Saturday. They were giving away free sample cups of it at a little booth right in front of the Santa Claus set-up. First thing I noticed is that this 7-Up is green! I then noticed that little word that’s like music to any college student’s ears… “caffeinated”. In other words, 7-Up is now something that will keep those of us pulling all-nighters up through the wee hours. “Brain lubricant”, as I sometimes call it, because it keeps the brain from grinding to a stop and putting a person to sleep. Now you know why the stuff is green, right? Have you ever seen a TOTALLY CLEAR caffeinated drink? My theory is that caffeine is not exactly colorless. And thus to cover the presumably unappealing caffeine color, the soft-drink companies have to color their drink. And in 7-Up’s case, since the bottle for normal 7-Up is green, you might as well swap it around, eh? Green soda, clear bottle. And it doesn’t taste all that bad, either… tastes like 7-Up ought to taste, but it also has a “green” taste to it. You get my drift on this one? Brown beverages just taste like they’re brown beverages, yellow ones taste like a yellow one should, a red one just tastes “red”, and clear ones taste like they’re clear. There are only two exceptions to this rule… Crystal Pepsi (how I miss that flavor) tasted like it was brown, and then Pepsi Blue is just nasty. Still, there you go… a new 7-Up, and I think it’s awesome.

Date posted: November 17, 2002

Notes: On September 6, 2003, I happened to see a commercial for this upside-down 7-Up, and what I saw gave me mixed feelings. On one hand, I was glad it was still around. On the other hand, what it was called on the TV disturbed me slightly. Instead of something like "upside down", they were calling it "DNL, from the makers of 7-Up", derived from what the 7-Up logo looks like when turned on its head. Sure, it looks like that, but I think it somewhat dilutes the idea that they were originally going for…