“Life is sweet and spicy (with milk).”

Tazo Chai advertisementThis is from a poster that my roommate brought in, and which I have spent much of my day working with. You can see the poster at left. The reason that I spent a lot of my day working with it is because we decided to “preserve” the original poster. So, the poster was scanned, oriented (it was scanned crookedly), cropped, and then printed out onto paper, and taped to the door. In light of the shameless door vandalism that we’ve had, and that the poster could not be readily replaced, we decided that preservation of the poster was necessary. So, it was reproduced. And couple that with the fact that I also scanned four pictures for a fellow MGL-er, as well as ten for the JMU Presbyterian Campus Ministry Web site (which I also am the Webmaster of), with a separate pass of the scanner for each picture, I would say that my scanner feels loved today. So what can I say about life today? It’s sweet and spicy – with milk!

Date posted: January 20, 2000