“It’s snowing, it’s snowing, it’s snowing, it’s snowing…”

JMU's College Center building in the snowAt last… we have snow.  And so long in coming, too.  Sometimes snow comes in December like it did last year, and other times, the snow waits until March before dropping a quick bunch of it, enough to close stuff for a day or two then melting.  But finally, the first serious snowfall for winter 2001-2002 has begun.  Santa may not have had to use a “Rose Suchak Ladder” in the snow this year, but now, on the day that all my residents return to Harrisonburg, we get blasted with snow.  And since the second semester has not started yet, and JMU cancelled classes on Monday, January 7 (yes, classes are indeed cancelled, JMU!), that means no homework, which means… PLAY TIME!  Who thought we’d all get a day in the residence halls to kind of like do whatever?  Now we have the fine opportunity, with the surroundings of our own computers (vs. siblings’ computers or whatever other inferior machine gets used at home), and all 46 residents on the floor, plus everyone in the rest of the building.  And so now what do we do on this unexpected play day?  Snowballs and sledding are two things that are fun to do.  Also important is throwing snowballs while sledding.  Yippee!  Still, remember that one injury spoils the fun, and so remember – don’t paste anyone with a snowball who doesn’t want to get hit, don’t aim for the face, and don’t hit a window!  Those are pricey.  For sledding, I have found that the best thing for sledding is a garbage bag, with the lack of a sled in college.  Festival trays are strongly discouraged, since it still is stealing, and thus a crime, and if you get caught, it may not be pleasant.  Still, enjoy the snow (and sleet – it changed to sleet while I’ve been writing this).  And let playtime begin!

Date posted: January 6, 2002