“It’s February. It’s cold. The days are short. Where would you like to be?”

Steps at Virginia Beach, summer 2000It’s February. It’s cold. The days are short. Where would you like to be? Me, the beach sounds like a fun place to go – with the scooter in tow. Yes, I went to the beach in August, and in fact, that’s where the picture at left came from. Still, the beach would have to be where I would like to be right now. No worries, no cares, just a lot of sand, surf, and sunshine. Ah, that’s the life. No books, no classes, no getting up early. Plus the beach has its own unique social scene. EVERYONE is a tourist over there, it seems, and no one knows where everything is. The stores over there all have their own special flair, from swimwear, to piercings, to souvenirs. In fact, I got those two Titanic life rings you can see on my wall in my sophomore year room from a souvenir shop at the beach last August. Still, with it being thirty degrees by day, and rubbing up near zero by night, the warm weather associated with the beach, as well as the smell of the salt air (because the non-salted air we have here is COLD) is absolutely delicious. Now you may wonder why I would take the scooter with me. When I went to the beach last August, I saw quite a few people riding scooters. So why not take the little Schumin-mobile (the big Schumin-mobile is that van I drive) for a spin out there? The concrete boardwalk at Virginia Beach seems smooth enough, and the sand is for the most part absent from the actual boardwalk… so why not?

Date posted: February 4, 2001

Notes: This quote was repeated on the Main Page the week of February 26, 2003.