“It’s back to Potomac Hall, both feet first!”

Potomac HallSunday, August 12, 2001 marks the beginning of a new year, and a new experience for me. As I’ve announced in the newsletter and has been on my site all summer, I am a Resident Advisor on the fourth floor on the freshman side of Potomac Hall (shown in the background of the photo at right). I will be in room 461 this year, compared to room 409 last year. The Web Cam will be up and running again. Schumin Web Multimedia Central will be open for business once again, with some changes in store for the new configuration. Of the beginning of my time as an RA, all I have to say, the day before I return to JMU (at the time of this writing), is that I am genuinely excited! I lived in McGraw-Long with two of my fellow staff members in my freshman year, and I lived in Potomac Hall with two of my fellow staff members last year. So I’ve already got a leg up on learning names, and then I’m ready to solidly associate name with face for the others. All too often you have “faceless names”, or “nameless faces”, where you’ve heard a name or know a face, and you can’t put it all together to identify a person. I find that incredibly frustrating. It’s like, “Hey… uh, you…” instead of “Justynn! I’ve been looking for you!” Know what I mean? So I’m going to be learning a lot of names soon… a frightening but doable task… This means concentrate, concentrate, concentrate, and associate! Ya know?

Date posted: August 11, 2001