“Is it true that people with glasses are more worldly than people without?”

A room appears half blurry, and half clearAs you can see in my new picture, and on the Web Cam, and in any new pictures of me on my site, I wear glasses now. All my friends think I look very worldly in my glasses, and so I am rightly pleased. Still, the culmination of a summer and a semester of making sure I needed an eye exam was, obviously, an eye exam, which determined that I am nearsighted. Lovely, eh?  The eye exam was a lot like that which they showed on the TV show Today’s Special’s episode “Eyes” (see summary on the Today’s Special site). They used the charts, they used the flashlight to make sure you follow the light, they used the lens thing to see which is clearer, and then… they kill you. Well, at least your ability to go outside in the sun for a while. If you’ve seen the movie Fantasia, you’ll know what I mean. You see the light of day (church bells or not), and since they give you the drops to make your pupils dilate, you have to do as best as you can to see. But with the drops, they use a microscope to examine your eyes. Then another quick run with the lens machine, and you’ve got a prescription. But before anything, they have a computer check everything, and then they do the regular exam to verify it. Neato… Still, these glasses are now a permanent part of my appearance, and so I hope you like them.

Date posted: January 7, 2001

Notes: When the image that accompanied this article was restored in September 2011 during the project to convert the entire site to WordPress, the image was substantially modified from the original. The original effect had the blur on the right half of the image, and the separation was a vertical line. Compare to the new version with the blur to the left and a slanted divider.