“If The Schumin Web were an ocean liner, how many stacks would it have?”

SS United StatesI have been thinking lately (yes, that’s what that burning smell is), and I’ve been comparing my site to other things based on a certain attribute. And so the question remains… if The Schumin Web were an ocean liner (of the traditional variety), how many stacks (also known as funnels) would it have? My answer is that my site would probably have two. It’s a large site, but by no means the largest site, and it is rather modern in appearance, just like these twin-stacked liners. The picture here is of the SS United States, one of the world’s greatest twin-stack liners. As with the United States, The Schumin Web is large, fast, and majestic.

Date posted: April 4, 2000

Notes: This quote was repeated on the main page from November 8, 2000 to November 12, 2000.