“I would like to announce the mission of the Web site…”

Animated construction signPlease allow me to stand on my soap-box once again, as I do on many occasions with this quote and following explanation, as I announce today the expansion and renovation plans for The Schumin Web for Summer 2000. As many of you know, I normally give my site more attention in the summer than I can otherwise do during the rest of the year. As a result, a greater number of changes occur during this time than others. If you recall, during Summer 1999, The Schumin Web gained its current logo, and a number of areas were redesigned, and a few areas and features were retired. During this year’s period of expansion and overhaul, the general plan is diversification, expansion, and modernization. Diversification in this case entails The Schumin Web‘s attempts to be all-encompassing. This portion of the three-part plan has already been completed. The Classic Liners of Long Ago has been completed and opened, and a new story, written by me, “The High-Speed Credit Pursuit”, has been written, but is currently on hold, waiting until photographic illustrations can be added to it. The expansion comes in A Salute to Game Shows. I plan to add sections about Wheel of Fortune, Greed, and Family Feud to the site. Finally, the modernization aspect of the three-part plan involves full redesigns of the Today’s Special site, as well as The Great Hall of Humor. Both sites are strong performers (though the Newsgroup Index continually finishes first in number of visits), and will be thoroughly modernized, to be brought more in tune with the newer, more modern look and feel of The Schumin Web.

Date posted: May 22, 2000