“I encourage everyone to go out and choose!”

Al GoreThat’s right! Choose who YOU want to inhabit the White House when January 20 rolls around, by registering your choice for President on November 7. Your choices (i.e. the two guys with the best chances of winning) are George W. Bush, the son of the guy who puked all over the Prime Minister of Japan, and Al Gore, the guy who has served faithfully under Bill Clinton for the past eight years. “Dubya” is the governor of Texas, and a Republican. Al Gore is the Vice President, and a Democrat. But you probably knew that already. Though when it’s many years down the road, and both of these guys are retired or dead, this may be a much lesser-known fact, only to be known whenever someone visits The Schumin Web, specifically the Archives. But I digress. Also, yes, Ralph Nader is running for President as well, and running on the Green Party ticket. But he is more than likely not going to get very far in the general election, not winning even one state. Still, Dubya and Al Gore definitely have some interesting running mates. Dubya has Dick Cheney as his running mate, a man who is old as dirt, and was also Secretary of Defense in former President George George W. BushBush’s cabinet. He’s also extremely conservative. Al Gore has chosen Joe Lieberman for his running mate, a man who is a moderate, and significantly younger than dirt. It seems that this race is also as tight a race as the 1960 election, where John F. Kennedy narrowly kicked the butt of Richard Nixon, who would later become President in 1969. Who will win? Nobody knows. This is why I encourage everyone who is registered to VOTE! It takes less than 30 minutes of your time, plus, then, if you vote, and then the guy you voted for crashes and burns in the White House, you can just sit back, and think, “What on earth was I thinking when I voted for this guy?” Then you can just get a sticker that says, “Place all the blame on me, I voted for (insert the name Dubya or Gore here).” The election is on Tuesday, and then when the polls close, the votes are tallied, and the smoke clears, someone will emerge with 270 electoral votes, securing them a spot in the White House for at least four years, unless they get shot, die on their own, resign, or get booted from office through the impeachment process. So, this Tuesday, go out and vote. Remember that on this day, you can help alter the course of this nation’s history, by choosing either Dubya or Al Gore. In the meantime, though, use the quizlet directly below to register with The Schumin Web who you think you’ll be voting for in my highly un-scientific poll…

Date posted: November 2, 2000

Notes: I was trying to be neutral about this quote article, and apparently I didn't do very well, because a lot of people (correctly) commented about how I was apparently supporting Al Gore in this election.