“I am freezing my butt off just because I can!”

Wearing gloves in the air-conditioned roomYes, everyone, I am freezing my butt off just because I can. Why? Because I’ve got the air-conditioner on full-blast! Why? Because I can! To all of you in the dorms on the west side of campus, we in Potomac Hall have air-conditioning! And I’m running it on high, so that I can be like the picture at left, having to wear gloves despite the shorts and t-shirt. This is the nice part about living in Potomac Hall. According to Mecca (hall director), there’s a sensor that detects the temperature outside, and changes the system from heat to air-conditioning depending on the temperature. Institutional climate control at its finest. This even beats the air-conditioning on the other side of campus, like McGraw-Long Hall where I lived last year. There, the system must be changed over manually, and they don’t change over until after we’re gone in May. Here, if it all of a sudden went below freezing, the building would switch to heat, and keep us nice and warm. And if in winter it shot up to 90, the air-conditioning would come on. And the air-conditioner even makes a “cold” sound when it is producing cold air! You know that sound they always play on TV when they’re showing how insanely cold it is? This air-conditioner makes that sound! It is so awesome, I tell you. So… there you are. No fans here. The arctic comes to Potomac Hall in seconds.

Date posted: April 15, 2001