“Hi, two-leggers, how would you like to enjoy a dog’s life?”

Alex's Funny BoneThere is nothing cuter online than when people give their pets their own Web sites. Especially so in the case of Alex’s Funny Bone, which is written from the point of view of Alex, an American Eskimo dog with a most interesting life. It’s an absolutely awesome site, about an absolutely awesome dog, and most charming for the innocence it conveys. We have a dog at home, and she also has an innocence that humans don’t have, just like Alex shows here. For instance, what is the bathroom to a dog? It’s the “stupid room”, of course, where her mom is at risk of getting her hide wet. Still, the site portrays accurately and humorously what dogs do, Alex in particular, like the ever-present theme of feeding, where she has her FoodGuy, and thinks that every dog should have a FoodGuy of her own. Alex is also a loyal dog, through and through. While Alex’s mom goes to the chiropractor to get her back adjusted, for instance, Alex watches and makes sure that the doctor does it right the first time. I think that my primary draw to this site is that it recaptures the innocence of youth that we all sometimes wish we could return to. Kind of like if a child makes a Web site of their own and gets it online, but able to be looked at without the human aspect by the author being an animal. As such, this is great in allowing us all to laugh a little, and to relive the care-free innocence of our childhood for a while, long since departed with the arrival of the realities of the real world, and the stresses that come with it. All Alex has to worry about is napping, keeping a watchful eye over her mom, and of course, hunting for treats. So take the time to check out Alex’s Funny Bone. I believe you will not regret it.

Date posted: January 22, 2002