“Give a JMU student a paintbrush, and watch magic appear…”

Village sidewalk paintingOn one of my walks from Potomac Hall to the other side of campus, I happened upon this sidewalk painting while passing through the Village, which is a cluster of residence halls in the geographic center (give or take a few feet) of campus. This painting, photographed by matching two images, adorns a basketball court, and properly marks it as being the Village. Still, I will tell you… JMU is full of cute paintings. Just walk around and you can find some. For instance, the University Center, consisting of Warren Hall and Taylor Hall primarily, is full of them, including a large Taylor Down Under mural, showing people playing pool, relaxing and doing all kinds of other fun TDU things. Previously, I’ve also shown you the large Duke Dog in the tunnel in a past quote (April 1, 2001). What a lovely thing that a picture does to brighten up a mood. It doesn’t even have to be painted, either. For instance, my “Welcome aboard!” bulletin board from last semester not only was a great opener, helping to lighten the mood, and make everyone feel at home, but it also educated, pointing out a few features of a “proper” ocean liner of approximately the 1920s (see August 19, 2001 quote). So many features, so little time. This is why I like going to college. You never know what you’re going to find next that’s clever or of beauty.

Date posted: January 13, 2002