“Four years ago, I nervously took my first steps…”

This is true. Four years ago, I nervously took my first steps onto the Internet, with the first edition of The Schumin Web, then known as Ben Schumin’s Home on the Internet, on March 23, 1996. I used NaviPress (now AOLPress) to make the pages, and uploaded the pages to America Online. My first URL for this site was http://members.aol.com/benschumin/. That March 23 (a Saturday, by the way), I debuted with four pages. I had my main page, a “News of the Week” page (this has since been retired), a page about me (retired, and later revived), and “Links to Other People’s Web Sites” (now the World Wide Web Site Index). And the rest, as they say, is history. My site is entering its fourth year, after my original critics said my site wouldn’t last a week. Shows how much they knew. So after four years online, I created this nifty banner! It’s going to be up for a week, just to commemorate the occasion. So… let the celebration begin!

Date posted: March 20, 2000