“Dress like a fairy, a ghost, or a witch, with a hook… an evil pirate!”

Randi and GregDid I mention how much I love Halloween? It is so absolutely fun. This year, I decided to dress up as an RA when I sat duty on the Saturday before Halloween, complete with my purple Office of Residence Life shirt, black sweatpants, and gray Airwalks. What did I do on such a Saturday night? I entertained residents who came into the hall office, made occasional rounds through Potomac Hall, and had a Coke from the vending machine. Others went out to parties, dressed in the finest costumes they could either buy or put together, and others stayed in, as the first game of the World Series was on (where the Yankees unfortunately got their clocks cleaned). On the day of Halloween, Potomac Hall is invited to join Blu as she attempts to speak to the spirits using the Ouija board, to answer whatever questions you may have. And on that day, despite it being a Wednesday, there will certainly be more people dressing up. Some even go to class dressed up, as one person dressed as a clown for GSCI 101 last year. Speaking of dressing up, at left we have Randi from the fifth floor as the “Pleasure Kitty”, complete with ears, a tail, the black dress, and even a whip, which she is using in this case to lure Greg, one of my fellow RAs (and dressed up as an RA for the Friday before Halloween – it was a popular costume for Residence Life staff), into her trap, as Greg looks on with terror in his eye. Other costumes ranged from the extravagant to the simple, and from the mainstream to the alternative. We saw the likes of Randi the Pleasure Kitty, Wilma Flintstone, Betty Rubble, nerds complete with “Virgin for Life” and “Kick Me” on their backs, Minnie Mouse, Cruella DeVille, and perhaps best of all, the “Party Fairy”. Some people have asked why I don’t dress up for Halloween. First of all, I am too fat for most of the costumes at Wal-Mart (does anyone know of a Big-and-Tall store for Halloween costumes?), which means that if I want to dress up, I have to come up with something more than do I want to buy the cow or the vampire costume when I’m deciding what to be for Halloween. Which brings us to point number two… am I not scary enough as it is? Probably for Halloween itself, I’m going to wear something Schumin Web, representative of a site that is a reflection of me, and thus by definition frightening. So… everyone have a safe and happy Halloween!

Date posted: October 28, 2001