“Do I really need three square meals a day?”

Yes, that is the question that has been burning in the mind of myself and the pocketbook of my parents. Do I really need that third square meal? The answer is probably not. This is an administrative decision on my part here, since my parents actually encouraged switching to 19-meal (from 14-meal) for this semester, since last semester’s schedule was built for three meals, all as square as square can be. But with my current schedule, it doesn’t work. I usually don’t have lunch, and thus I have breakfast and then dinner. And with a lunch punch, I usually end up burning it at PC Dukes on a double punch, which all adds up to something that must change. So, I will be heading over to card services before February 11, and changing my meal plan from 19 to 14. Plus, with the extra dining dollars (or as I call them, “dining bucks”) that the 14-meal plan offers, I can still have that third square meal when I feel I need it. But usually, it’s just two a day. And considering that I have breakfast at 9:30 AM, it makes lunch kind of silly to do.

Date posted: February 3, 2000