“Congrats to Richard, the sole Survivor!”

Survivor LogoRichard HatchWe are all familiar with who he is… the guy on Survivor who caught fish, and bared it all on his birthday. But Richard definitely knows how to do the “Survivor” thing, and we should all be proud of him. As it says on the logo, “Outwit, Outplay, Outlast”. He outwitted, he outplayed, and he outlasted everyone, including Rudy (my guess for the top spot), and Kelly (winner of an uncanny amount of immunity challenges in the end). Still, it’s funny… it all came down to numbers. Greg asked Richard and Kelly to pick a number between one and ten. Richard chose seven, and Kelly chose one. Greg’s number was nine. But Richard is definitely living large now, with $1,000,000 (before taxes) in the bank, as well as a brand new Pontiac Aztek, which I personally find to be a very ugly car (can you tell I’m not a sponsor of Survivor?). So congratulations to Richard, the sole Survivor, and also congrats to Susan, Kelly, and Rudy, for making it into the top four.

Date posted: August 24, 2000