“Come to Hall Council… or Schumin gets it!”

"Come to Hall Council... or Schumin gets it!"You’ve got to love that quote… come to Hall Council, or else I “get it”. This is what’s on the advertising poster for the last open Hall Council meeting of the year. The letters are in a font that’s supposed to resemble cut-and-paste, and the pictures on there is first a masked robber brandishing a gun, facing to the right. The second picture is of me, the same picture that is viewable at the top of all Schumin Web pages. Everyone in McGraw-Long loves this poster! It’s really well done, plus, I think that everyone is surprised that I would put up a poster like this. Definitely a switch from the posters of open meetings past…

Date posted: March 31, 2000

Notes: The image of the poster did not originally run with this quote. It was later added to the archive of this quote in order to provide an image of what this article is referring to.