“Come on down to the chuckwagon and get yourself some grub!”

"The Chuckwagon"JMU Dining Services, under the direction of Aramark, has come up with a new idea for satisfying those desires for some food on the go. And I do mean real food, not just junk food like is found in vending machines. What they’ve come up with to satisfy the urges of business majors for breakfast and lunch on the go is a food cart, affectionately nicknamed “the chuckwagon” by me. On nice days (the chuckwagon doesn’t come out on bad weather days), it is parked in front of Zane Showker Hall at 7:30 AM, ready to serve your breakfast needs. Anything you could think of to have to eat is there for you to have. On the front-facing side of the cart (see picture), there’s fruit, cold drinks, milk, hot chocolate, those cup-o-noodles things, potato chips, Doritos, and more. On the rear-facing side of the cart (see picture) there’s coffee, hot water (for your hot chocolate, tea, and hot cider), as well as all the condiments you might want to put on your food. Then go around to the rear of the cart (see picture), and there you find the stuff that really makes the chuckwagon “hot stuff” (get it?). It’s of course where you can find yourself some hot food. You can get a hot ham-and-cheese sandwich, pizza hot pocket, a hot roast beef-and-cheese sandwich, plus hot dogs. After serving the folks at Zane Showker, the lady who runs the chuckwagon (a very nice lady indeed) hops into the driver’s seat and takes it over to Godwin Hall for a little while. Afterwards, it’s back to Zane Showker, to feed some hungry-for-lunch business majors who want a real lunch but don’t have time for a sit-down lunch. All in all, I think the chuckwagon is a great idea, and will be a success, and we should see it around JMU for a long time to come.

Date posted: March 25, 2001

Notes: Unfortunately, the "chuckwagon" wasn't as successful as JMU had hoped. It was a short-lived concept, and didn't even last through the semester.