“Boy, oh boy, am I glad to be home!”

HouseThe academic year is over, and so thus I am back at home, with The Schumin Web based out of my room, which has a small logo on the door, signifying that this is indeed the home of The Schumin Web, though the smaller size dictates that this is a part-time thing. Outside of The Schumin Web, home has its own advantages and disadvantages compared to the dorm. For one thing, the house doesn’t get trashed every weekend like Potomac Hall does. No puke in the bathrooms, no weird stuff in the elevator (heck, we don’t even have an elevator at home!), and no drunks to deal with on Friday and Saturday nights. However, there are some disadvantages. First of all, while I am working with my real computer instead of Sis’s computer at her mess of a desk in the living room, the connection is not like that at JMU. Here, it’s a dial-up connection, and since we have five computers, and only one phone line for the Internet (we have a second line for regular calling), there’s sometimes a bit of fighting over that one line. It’s mostly between my sister and I, as I am a self-declared ‘net junkie, and she is little miss teenager, hogging the ‘net line (since my parents have designated that her “teen talk” line as well), talking to all her little friends, which makes my own Internet habits a little harder to keep up. I was never a phone person as a teen… I didn’t have AOL Instant Messenger until about a month before I first went to JMU, and didn’t have ICQ until my senior year in high school. Otherwise, it was all Email and in-person. When I was a teen, the phone was a pain in the butt. It was something that people used to distract me from what I was doing, for whatever purpose. Add to that that giving people the key to distract other people was also what put gas in the car. Still, home has its advantages and its disadvantages, and it’s my official place of residence until August 12, when I go back to JMU to start RA training.

Date posted: May 13, 2001

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