“And we once again send another year up the road to retirement…”

Intersection of North Coalter Street and East Beverley Street, as seen from north of the intersection on Coalter Street.As of this writing, 2003 only has a few more days left to live. Then it will be 2004, and 2003 will be a thing of the past. And all in all, it’s been a good year. In 2003, I found that a way of organizing and handling what life flings at you is to write it all down. Thus the journal. Since July, when I introduced my journal and got used to writing in it, I can tell you exactly what happened in my life in 2003, and be able to look back at and evaluate what happens in a year. During 2003, I figured out what happens when you put an idiot and a maniac on the same stretch of roadway, discovered some horses using their heads as a hat rack on MSN Messenger, revisited Potomac Hall after four months away from it, got nailed by a pickup truck while sitting at a light, survived a wind-filled drive home in the midst of a hurricane, dealt with people who don’t know what a crosswalk is, visited the self-cleaning restroom at Huntington, survived my sister’s roommate’s mess in my bathroom, went wacko with Kathleen over a bird inside Canterbury, moved domain names en masse from eNom to GoDaddy, got totally blasted, began work at Wal-Mart, dumped Commonwealth One, sang MacArthur Park as part of karaoke night at D-Hall, and so much more. Wow! What a productive year! And with the year coming to a close, the inevitable question comes up… what’s next? Every year I always wonder how I’m going to top the previous year. And every year, I somehow manage to top the previous year in what goes on. It’s amazing, really‚Ķ

Date posted: December 26, 2003