“And for every Y2K doomsayer I see, I’m just going to point and laugh.”

Yes, that’s right, everyone. I am just going to point and laugh at all these self-appointed Y2K naysayers, these folks who are going to go to far-off hideouts in the middle of nowhere with lots of canned beans and a few bottled waters. Why? Because this whole Y2K hype is just that – hype. When the ball drops in Times Square, the big “2000” will light up where the ball comes to rest. About six hours later, the sun will come up, and about twelve hours after that, the sun will go down. People will, as I put it, “eat, sleep, and poop”, people will go to Food Lion and buy food, people will surf the Internet, just like any other day. And the people who went off to far-away camps to ride out the millennium? Boy, oh, boy, I’d hate to be them, becoming the laughingstocks of the entire country.

Date posted: December 16, 1999