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A sticker on a pedestrian crossing sign makes the walking figure appear to be using a hula hoop.

Featured January 26, 2006

Photographed February 16, 2005

Notes: This photo was taken on the campus of Virginia Tech.

  • Cindy Foskett

    what does the circle around the pedestrian image mean?????

    • The circle is clearly not supposed to be there, therefore, as an unauthorized addition by a third party, it is somewhat open to interpretation.

      When I wrote the caption for this mage back in 2006, I interpreted it as a person actively using a hula hoop with the little shapes around the circle signifying motion.  Looking at it now, I see another interpretation: a “longboard” skateboard, i.e. like this:

      And in that interpretation, the person is carrying their skateboard in one hand.

      So that’s my best guess.