“You said ‘Rahoul’s Diner’?”

Directory assistanceIf you’ve read the “About Me” page, you know that when I’m not at college, I work for a directory assistance provider. And when you’ve been there long enough in a day, sometimes calls get interesting, because you either mis-hear the customer, or otherwise misunderstand what they are saying. All with the effect of causing, albeit inadvertently, extreme comedy. The particular customer in question today called and asked for a “Rahoul Steiner”, a residential listing, in some city. I misunderstood the customer, and searched for a business called “Rahoul’s Diner”. As I told her I didn’t find a “Rahoul’s Diner” in the city, she was puzzled. She, of course, thought I was looking for the residence, when in fact, I was mistakenly looking for a business. This was eventually worked out, with some hearty chuckles. BTW, we didn’t find the right guy.

Date posted: May 18, 2000