“What words cannot express…”

The World Trade Center as United Airlines Flight 175 impacts the South Tower.Words cannot express the grief and sorrow that the United States and the rest of the world are feeling right now. On the morning of September 11, two large Boeing jets crashed into the World Trade Center, first the north tower, and then the south tower. Immediately after the impacts, each respective building began to burn. Less than two hours later, the twin towers of the World Trade Center are now gone, collapsing straight down, leaving a tremendous cloud in their wake, forever altering the New York City skyline. Either directly or indirectly, this act of terror has affected everyone. This act has brought people together, and it has taken people away from those they love. Everyone alive today will remember forever where they were when they found out about the World Trade Center’s destruction, similar to our parents’ generation when they found out about John F. Kennedy’s assassination. While Kennedy’s assassination resulted in the death of our President, this attack has left untold scores of people dead in its wake. A similar attack was executed on the Pentagon, where another airliner crashed into the Pentagon, though fortunately in an area that was unoccupied due to near-complete and pending renovations. Several hundred died in this unfortunate event. Additionally, a plane crashed in Pennsylvania, believed to be Flag decor on a door in Potomac Hallen route to the District of Columbia, specific destination unknown. Throughout America and much of the remainder of the world, the masses have raised up in support of America, and that we shall live on, and be stronger for it, from large coordinated displays to simple tributes. On my floor in Potomac Hall, a number of my residents have shown their support of America on their doors. American flags can be seen throughout Potomac Hall, where a week ago there were none. I also now display inside my door an enlargement of the U.S. flag flying proudly in front of the Capitol dome, from my “The Schumin Web Salutes America” photo essay. Around the James Madison University campus, vigils have been held, ministers from the various campus ministry organizations have been helping whomever seeks them, and the JMU administration also cancelled classes on Friday for two hours between 11:00 and 1:00 in order to have a simple memorial program for the victims of these horrendous acts, which included the ringing of Wilson Hall’s bells. Personally, I believe that America will make it through this period stronger than ever, with a new sense of unity, and the Pentagon and World Trade Centers will be rebuilt. As I understand it, New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani is already saying to rebuild the World Trade Center towers. And with this I agree. Build them back. Build them bigger. Build them stronger. Use these towers, as well as a restored Pentagon, as a statement to the terrorists, that we as a country are stronger than bricks and steel, and that what doesn’t break the whole only makes us stronger.

Date posted: September 16, 2001

Notes: The site's header bar, normally a medium gray color, was changed to black across the site during the week that this quote article ran, in memory of the victims.