“They must keep an entire warehouse full of signs preprinted with ‘Eagle Hall’ on them…”

"Eagle Hall" signThey must. They almost have to. They seem to go through so many Eagle Hall signs that it’s not even funny at times. For instance, here’s an excerpt from the JMU Police log on April 29, 2000:

DESTRUCTION OF PUBLIC PROPERTY – Eagle Hall – Eagle Hall sign pulled up, carried up the steps and abandoned in stairwell.

This one was recovered, I would figure, and thus I figure this is it standing next to Eagle Hall. Still, they seem to go through them at an alarming rate. For instance, after Christmas break last year, when I went up to Zane Showker Hall for Microeconomics, I noticed something – Eagle Hall didn’t have a sign in front of it! There were two large holes where one once was, but no sign. A few weeks later, there was a new sign, i.e. the one pictured at left. Why people want the sign for Eagle Hall, I don’t know… you’d think a more prestigious one would be the one for Zane Showker Hall. But I guess it’s because you have over 400 people living in Eagle Hall, and everyone who lived there wants to take a piece of Eagle with them when they leave. Most take photographs, but others obviously take the sign with them to remember their old home. Aren’t you glad I lived in McGraw-Long Hall last year?

Date posted: October 15, 2000