“They have to do WHAT to get this elevator running again?”

Elevators at Zane Showker HallThey have to actually have a part specially manufactured in order to put the left elevator back into service again. Estimates are that the elevator will not carry frustrated business majors and their professors up to the top of Zane Showker Hall and every place in between until March. You don’t know how much we depend on this pair of elevators, though. These elevators are almost constantly in use, ferrying students, professors, and staff from the classroom levels (G, 1, and 2) to the office areas up above (2, 3, 4, 5, and 6). And with a quarter of the university being a business major (according to what I’ve heard) in Zane Showker Hall, two elevators is a necessity. In fact, three would be even better, to tell the truth. With that, having one of them out for repairs makes the stairs look a whole lot prettier. Stairs are always there to take you down or up. You don’t have to wait for the stairs to arrive. They’re just there. In fact, according to an article that someone slapped on the elevator doors on the second floor, people are more likely to use the stairs if they’re festively decorated. No incentive at Showker… the stairs are decidedly blah. The railings are a business-friendly pink, the stairs themselves are gray, and the walls are white. Yes, corporate America loves it, but no one will use the stairs for it, and I am hard pressed to find anyone actually using the stairs except for a few health nuts. Still, with one of the two elevators that goes up the tower (there is another elevator that only services G, 1, and 2) being broken, this sight will become a far more familiar one…

Stairwell in Zane Showker Hall, viewed from the sixth floor

Date posted: January 21, 2001