“There’s just something about the nighttime…”

Downtown Staunton, facing west on West Beverley StreetThere’s just something about the nighttime that I really like, and it’s really hard to put my finger on it about what it is. The nighttime is fun, though. When the sun goes down, the Earth cools off, and the people seem to come out. Me, I often work at night, starting in the late morning or early afternoon, and working well beyond when the sun has gone down. And once it gets dark is when I enjoy. No bright sun to blind you. No sunburns. Artificial lighting comes on and brightens the landscape. And it makes for some spectacular photography. Now that I have Big Mavica, I can photograph any time day or night. It’s kind of cool seeing how much our manmade lighting brightens things up. And yes, I’m aware that it decreases visibility, and that they don’t say “under cover of darkness” for nothing. You still have to be careful. And some people don’t feel the same as me, as I occasionally get called a “vampire” for preferring to have a late schedule, getting up in the late morning, working until it’s well past dark, and then taking care of whatever in the wee hours (it is 1:21 AM as I’m writing this, if that tells you anything). It kind of reminds me of what two wise people once said. They said “clap hands for the nighttime, [because] night’s all right”. And I like the night.

Date posted: March 27, 2004