“Perhaps you’re having too much fun in the bedroom of the WRONG kind!”

Anne Robinson, host of "The Weakest Link"The smile does nothing to assuage the fears that the face creates. This is Anne Robinson, the famed host of the television game show Weakest Link. The queen of insults and intimidation, Anne runs a tough show. On the computer game created based on the TV show, she’s just as rough. There’s one character on there that’s a computer programmer, and a favorite character of mine, considering his tendency to talk in technobabble all the time. Lead Anne to make the conclusion that he’d been having way too much fun in the bedroom of the wrong kind… I can’t say I’m different. I update the Web site from a spot within three feet from my bed, and have fun doing, it, too. Still, I got the copy of the game on Wednesday, and have been taking Anne’s automated insults like a pro. I’ve also been answering questions, and voting computer teammates out of the game. And the game is so realistic, too. 3D graphics, animated characters, real voices, as well as videos of Anne, make this the next best thing to being right in the studio. I got the game through ebgames.com, which is Electronics Boutique’s online store. Having no car, and not preferring the bus schedule for going to the mall, it’s awesome. Still, I love the game. The heat is on! And if you are not ready and willing to play, Anne’s got six words for you… “YOU ARE THE WEAKEST LINK! G’bye!”

Date posted: October 13, 2001