“It’s starting to smell like winter again…”

Potomac Hall in the snow, January 19, 2002Yes, it’s starting to smell like winter again, and I am so excited. Winter has a certain smell to it. It’s hard to describe, but it’s there, and it’s unique to the season. Kind of that smell that’s there all the time coming to light after the cold has locked away so many of the other smells that this world has to offer. I don’t know why I like winter so much. I like it so much better than the summer. During the summer, it’s warm, and everyone’s outside and such. But for me, give me the cold any day. Beautiful sights of the world covered in a blanket of white, the anticipation of seeing a new-fallen snow… winter has it all. Plus winter is a good time to do urban photo shoots, since trees are not really all too prevalent in the city. Winter, winter, winter… I also remember that last winter was when a lot of my residents on the freshman side of Potomac Hall started quitting smoking, since they couldn’t stand the cold. By the time November was finished, you had the “core group” that was out back all year, which came to comprise the famed Potomac smoking group. So… it’s getting to be that time again! Let’s break out the parkas and enjoy it, in this, the best time of the year as I see it.

Date posted: October 21, 2002