“It’s once again that magical week…”

Interstate 64 signage on US 340 in Waynesboro, VirginiaIt’s once again that magical week in the life of a college student where we cast aside our textbooks, our professors, and even the great Zane Showker Hall in order to go have some fun. Yes, it’s Spring Break week. And I am SO glad it’s here. Some JMU-ers go to Cancun and Acapulco, some go to Florida, some go up to Vermont to go skiing, and others of course go home and go to sleep. Me, after two Spring Breaks spent at home sleeping, the one my freshman year because I planned absolutely nothing for that week (though I did go to Charlottesville one day), and sophomore year because I was sick no thanks to my Macroeconomics professor, this year I am finally going to do something FUN for Spring Break. I’m taking three separate trips throughout the Old Dominion State, more commonly known as Virginia, to do what I call “The Schumin Web Photo Essay Blitz”. Me and the Toyota Previa van that I drive around at home are going to be seeing a lot of each other over the course of this week, as I log roughly a thousand miles on it, give or take a hundred. One of these trips will be a two-day excursion as I explore parts of the eastern end of the state, where I’ve booked a lovely hotel with an indoor pool. Having an indoor pool was a BIG selling point for me, as a little jaunt in the HEATED water (yay!) of a swimming pool is just something that cannot be beaten as far as relaxation goes. Plus my Perry Ellis swimsuit, which I describe as being big enough to hold three stout men inside of, and I don’t get to spend that much time together. So come the week after the Photo Essay Blitz, I get to sort through what I project to be about eight photo essays, give or take, and then present to you the fruits of that labor, complete with the new full-size images when you click on the smaller images. Can’t wait!

Date posted: March 1, 2002