“It’s dark under here!”

All right, those of you who’ve been here before… something new is coming up soon on The Schumin Web! The “Inside My Dorm Room” page will be a-changing quite soon, as it is now a warm look back to the past, as I have now built a loft bed, and I now have my “office” beneath it. In other words, my area is now underneath my bed instead of beside it, because my bed is now a considerable distance away from where it once was. But I now have twice as much floor space as I did before! It’s neat, but, as the quote says, it’s dark under here. So I now need to think about getting a light for under here, as it’s pretty dark with a bed over your light source…

Date posted: December 12, 1999

Notes: This problem was later remedied with the installation of a fluorescent lamp under the loft.