“If only I could afford it…”

Pentagon City Mall, April 2002Summer classes and no Telegate make Schumin go… something something. Answer is go broke, in fact. I registered with a temp agency, but they couldn’t come up with something, and so this summer, I was up the creek as far as money went. This is why I’m glad that I only have another week until I return to JMU for RA training. This way, my dry period will end and I’ll be able to at least pay for my own gas. Shopping at the lovely Pentagon City Mall as seen at left is a luxury that I just cannot afford at the present time. However, not being able to afford shopping doesn’t stop me from ending my days up there when I’m in Northern Virginia on a photo shoot, for with its climate-controlled atmosphere and ample seating, it makes for the perfect place to relax after a Schumin Web Salutes America or Photo Essay Blitz trip. An interesting side-note, while we’re talking about shopping, is an idea with men vs. women shopping. Men were the hunters – in for the kill, and then out with their prey. Women were the gatherers – going all around and gathering stuff up. Explains why I go in, grab, pay, and leave (for the most part – I will “shop” from time to time). Also explains why it seems to take forever waiting for female friends to finish shopping. The hunter (i.e. me) has finished long ago, and they’re just getting started. But anyway, though, what was I saying? Oh, yes, I’m broke. And the thing that pains me the most is having to ask the parents for money. Major blow to my self-esteem every time I do, and not because of them. They’re not exactly pleased about needing to give, but not as much as I’m not pleased about needing to ask, because it means that I didn’t manage my money as well as I could have. It absolutely KILLS me to have to ask for money, because it’s a sign that I need to work on my money management skills, plus having to show that weakness to my parents. Thankfully, though, the summer’s almost over, and I can get back to work for Residence Life.

Date posted: August 4, 2002