I agree with Ben.

I agree with Ben, what about you?  Well, it’s kind of hard for me not to agree with him, because him is me.  If you were at James Madison University around April 10, you’d know that this quote, in the format displayed above, is a parody of the “Do You Agree With Russ?” campaign that Campus Crusade put on.   You can read about the program in this article from The Breeze (article is no longer online).  On the day of the event, they were selling orange shirts that said, “I agree with Russ” on them.  Before the event, the only thing that they pushed was “Do you agree with Russ?”.  No one was told what the subject matter was, or who Russ even was.  Any inquiries were answered with a “come and see” message.  The reason I mention this is because this whole campaign shows what is wrong with America today.  People will blindly agree to something.  If I were the one making the shirts, they would say, “I don’t know what I’m agreeing with, but I agree with Russ.”  For all these people know, the guy could be a gun-toting maniac that advocates gunning down all of America.  All in all, I think it was best described by a friend of mine as being a very deceitful campaign.  But for now, you may agree with me.  What do you agree on?  Well, let’s agree that The Schumin Web is at http://ben-schumin.simplenet.com/.  Okay?

Date posted: April 16, 2000

Notes: Rob Belote at JMU signed the guest book and included a picture message in it. Click here to view the picture. Additionally, this quote was repeated on the main page from October 9, 2000 to October 11, 2000. When the quote was repeated, the site's URL was updated to reflect the address change to www.schuminweb.com. The archived version shown here reflects the original wording.