Masked woman holding a gunThat’s right. Don’t move a muscle, and don’t say a word. At least that’s what Amanda McPherson and Hillary Randallsworth are demanding of one of their victims in my newest fictional work, “The High-Speed Credit Pursuit”. It’s about the exciting adventures of two students on an otherwise typical Friday night at the fictional Engleman University, in the fictional town of Carinthia, Virginia. This story was a lot of fun to write, and even more fun to receive feedback on. My coworkers at Telegate especially got involved in helping me refine and polish up this one, suggesting a change here, an addition here, removing something there, etc. Eventually, this story will have pictures to accompany it, but as of yet no luck. Please note that the anonymous woman at right pointing a gun at your head is only here for effect – she is not in the actual story. So… why don’t you read the story for yourself and see what you think? You can use the link on the menu in the new “Stories” section, or you can use the link provided here.

Date posted: July 26, 2000

Notes: The High-Speed Credit Pursuit is now listed as part of the Odds and Ends section.