3" help buttonThat’s right, ladies and gentlemen… if you need help when Potomac Hall is in crisis mode (i.e. any reason they’d have to evacuate), and you’re disabled, look no further, when you get to the “Area of Rescue Assistance”. Just press the button, and help is on the way. While this is all and good, there’s one thing that I personally find a little silly. And that’s why they have to specify the DIAMETER of the button. It’s one thing to say, “For assistance, push help button” or something to that effect. Are they hoping, while the building is being evacuated or something that someone’s going to want to fit a lace border around the button, and in an emergency situation, not having time to measure it before getting help? Perhaps. But let’s not forget… there is only one help button in that general area on that floor. The only other help buttons in this building are exactly the same, and all are in stairwells. Three inches… what’s the significance of it? Who knows…

Date posted: August 30, 2000

Notes: This quote was run on the main page from February 6, 2002 to the February 10, 2002.