“11880 – Da Werden Sie Geholfen.”

11880“Elf acht achtzig null. Da werden sie geholfen.” We’ve talked about these words for a while now at good ol’ CFW. And now we are no longer CFW… we’re Telegate. Yes, I now work for Telegate AG, a company with experience in directory assistance in Germany, making its first reaches into the United States market. The quote is what the women say at the end of Telegate’s commercial’s in Germany. “Da Werden Sie Geholfen” means “There you are helped”. Very fitting for a directory assistance operation. You can see Telegate’s commercials on their Commercial Downloads page. The commercials are neat, because (A) nobody knows what they’re saying because it’s all in German, because everyone I know took Spanish in high school, and (B) it’s very encouraging to see Telegate advertising like this for their service. It shows they’re serious about making sure people know they’re there and that they have services to offer through the 11880 number for directory assistance. You can see for yourself at their home page. No wonder their slogan is “Da Werden Sie Geholfen”.

Date posted: July 7, 2000

Notes: This quote was repeated on the main page from May 20, 2001 to June 3, 2001.