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An Urban Comparison


In “An Urban Comparison”, I spent time in several metropolitan areas in Virginia and Washington DC, and compared and contrasted the appearances of the central business districts in each.  I visited the Washington DC area (DC itself as well as parts of Arlington and Alexandria), Richmond, Norfolk, and Roanoke.

Among other things, I noted architectural styles, names on buildings, presence or absence of skywalks, and overall “feel”.  Despite each of these areas’ being within a reasonable drive from each other and being (mostly) within the same state, each presented a very distinct personality.  There is no one prevailing style in cities, that’s for sure, as DC is distinct from Richmond, which is distinct from Norfolk, etc.

Since this photo set was taken in March 2003, some of the names on the buildings may have changed, and buildings may come, go, and otherwise change.  This may change some of the elements noted in 2003, as cities attempt to redefine themselves through their buildings and structures…

Washington DC Area

Richmond, Virginia

Norfolk, Virginia

Roanoke, Virginia

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