No better way to say “happy halloween”…

October 29, 2007, 8:21 PM

This is what greeted me as I took my usual walk along P Street to work this morning…

Pumpkins on P Street NW

Pumpkins! Aren’t they just darling? I like the one on the right because the face is just slightly off-kilter by design, and then the face on the one of the left isn’t exactly creepy, but it is the perfect complement to the über-happy one on the right.

Meanwhile, this year for halloween, I’m going as an office worker. My costume will consist of dress pants, dark shoes, and a collared shirt. No hat, and glasses on. Accessories to go with this costume include an iMac G5 and my red Swingline stapler. In other words, I’m not dressing up. Then when I get home, I’m changing into those pajama pants that only cost $7.00 at the JCPenney Outlet and making the next day’s lunch.

Still, it was so fun to see those pumpkins this morning…

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A full view of a radical cheerleader outfit…

November 2, 2006, 3:58 AM

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Happy Halloween from your radical cheerleader friends!

October 31, 2006, 11:22 PM

First of all, here’s the costume:

Radical cheerleader outfit

As you can see, I had fun with this one. From the bottom up, I’m wearing my Chuck Taylors, black tights, black shorts (no cheerleader skirt for me!), a red shirt with the sleeves cut off, on which I wrote “RADICAL CHEER”, a black shirt underneath that, black arm things with netting and chains and zippers, a black bandanna around the neck, and a red hat.

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A little preview of part of my radical cheerleader costume…

October 26, 2006, 12:10 AM

And here it is:

Radical cheerleader costume preview

I basically took a Sharpie and wrote “RADICAL CHEER” on the front, with anarchy signs for the As. Then I took a seam ripper and a pair of scissors and cut the sleeves off the red shirt. Then I’m wearing a very light black t-shirt underneath it. So that’s part of the cheer costume.

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“George… George… dub-dub-dub-dub-dub-dub-dub-dub-dub-dub-dubya Bush! Da shrub!”

September 3, 2006, 12:51 AM

Did I tell you what I was dressing up as for Halloween this year? As it’s never too early to start planning, I’ve already decided, and started shopping. So I decided to go as a radical cheerleader. It’s partly a an opportunity to showcase an interest of mine (left-wing activism) in a different setting, and partly to one-up a coworker from last year who dressed as a radical cheerleader, whose costume I described as “not improvised enough”.

The coworker’s costume looked like this:

Heather as a radical cheerleader

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Happy Halloween!

October 31, 2005, 6:41 PM

What a fun Halloween I had! I spent it where I’ve spent every single Monday for a very long time – work. However, they let us dress up for Halloween, and I had a real blast, too.

This year, I dressed up as The Thnikkaman, which is a variation of Bubs, who runs Bubs’ Concession Stand. All in all, it comes from I love the site, and Thnikkaman was easy to do, too.

All I did was wear an orange “Athletic Works” shirt, my usual black jeans and chucks, and then accessorized it all. I bought some green felt and safety-pinned that around my waist. That made that strange green section on Bubs’s outfit. Then to go from just plain old Bubs to The Thnikkaman, I borrowed a pair of sunglasses from my sister that resembled the ones that The Thnikkaman wore in Strong Bad Email #97. Then to finish the outfit, I printed a red “TH” on paper and pinned that to my shirt. And thus we have Thnikkaman. Check out my costume:

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I really need to do something about getting a N-E-W C-A-R…

October 30, 2005, 8:30 PM

Yes, we’re spelling it out. You see, every time I talk about the C-A-R on here, I have some sort of mishap with the Previa. But let me tell you, though… that car is a trooper, but parts are starting to go. The radio went in 2000. The air conditioning died in 2002. At some point, a panel on the interior of the door broke loose. The cruise control started a slow death in 2002 or so and now only works when it feels like it. I also recently got a crack in the windshield. And as you saw not long ago, I had to do a quick-fix on a wiper blade (which still works like a charm).

And now, I have no heat. Absolutely NO heat. Last time I got heat out of the car was on April 16 of this year, when Sis and I went up to Washington DC for A16, and needed heat (and didn’t get heat until halfway up there because we accidentally forgot to switch it over to heat). Then the warmer months came along and I didn’t need the heat. Now it’s cold again, and I have no heat at all. I really need a new car, but since I can’t afford that, I’m going to have to get it repaired. And that means that I’m going to have to call around to find out who will be willing to look at it and such to get it fixed.

And my rule about going to local businesses is that I don’t like going some place where everyone who works there is someone I went to high school with. I don’t like getting called “buddy” by people I never particularly cared for. I prefer to go some place where the people don’t all know me – makes me feel more like a customer.

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“I’m just an alley cat, with an alley life…”

September 16, 2005, 11:47 PM

You may have seen this before:

Alley Cat in normal position

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